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May 03, 2022

The Brook Casino Launches Historic Horse Racing & New Games

The evolution of The Brook Casino continues with the launch of historic horse racing, a new game room, a ballroom, and an outdoor patio. The new additions are part of the expansion of the formerly-dying dog track since its current owners purchased it three years ago.

Said Andre Carrier, CEO of The Brook Casino and COO of its parent company Eureka Casino Resort of Mesquite, Nevada:

“When we bought it, it was a dying business. Now it’s a rising, new, New Hampshire, 100% employee-owned company.”

Historical Horse Racing
This weekend, The Brook will launch historical horse race racing where bettors wager on horse races that have already been run but with vital information hidden so that the outcome is unknown to bettors.

Also launched this week is a concentric game room with 15,000 square feet of space. The game room, located at the former grandstand tiered seating area, is only in the first phase with plans to gradually increase it until it reaches the planned 45,000 square feet of gaming area.

Putting to Use the Old Dog Track
Aside from the new games, The Seabrook Casino will be utilizing the greens of the old dog track for different charitable events, including cornhole tournaments and curling. According to officials, the track will be landscaped this year so that it can be used for such and other events.

The track is expected to remain as part of The Brook’s ‘aesthetics’. The old scoreboards remain up while a new patio has been built facing the track and its “jumbotron” television against the wall to watch games and a new indoor ballroom with a view of the track.

$5 Million in Charitable Donations
Since its opening, The Brook Casino has raised over $5 million in charitable donations. New Hampshire allows casino gaming with the condition that 35% of their gaming proceeds go to charity. Charity dollars generated at the casino also go to fund services for gambling and drug addiction.

The Brook Casino opened as the Seabrook Greyhound Park in 1973. It had live Greyhound races until the sport was banned in 2008. Seabrook was on the brink of closing in 2015 when it was almost bought by the Kane Company for development, but the deal fell through after Kane’s client Rand-Whitney pulled out due to zoning. Eureka then ended up purchasing Seabrook in 2019.

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