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People using DraftKings kiosk at The Brook
The DraftKings
Sportsbook at The Brook

The DraftKings Sportsbook at The Brook is the flagship sports betting location in the Granite State. DraftKings believes life is more fun with skin in the game and for that reason, they are committed to creating the world's best betting experience! Nowhere is that more evident than at The Brook, where Seacoast bettors are finding out what 10 million loyal DraftKings users already know: they are transforming the way people experience sports! "Let's Make It Reign!”

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The few people are getting drinks from Brook
Stadium and
Skybox Seating

Stadium seating with private spaces, a video wall, hundreds of individual TVs, and surround sound create the feeling that you’re in the front row. Bring your friends and eat, drink and watch the game from a private Skybox.

Reserve Your VIP Seat

If you can’t be at the game, reserve seats at The Brook – it’s a sure bet! Pick out the seats you want & pay online. Then all you need to do is show up, enjoy the game, and win big. It’s that simple. Private TVs, VIP Hosts, and a gameday menu are certain to enhance your experience!

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