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August 19, 2022

3 Ways to Wager and Win at The Brook’s DraftKings Sportsbook

As the 2022 football season kicks off, the DraftKings Sportsbook at The Brook in New Hampshire remains the lone sportsbook venue within 50 miles of Boston.

Located just a mile across the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border, the DraftKings Sportsbook is the largest in New England, featuring a 500-seat sports bar and grill with both indoor stadium and outdoor deck viewing environments. With four massive cinema screens and more than 200 additional televisions, there is simply no better place to watch and bet on sports in the entire region and with the return of football, now is the time to make your plans to visit The Brook, which also offers simulcast racing seven days a week, as well as table games and more than 400 of the latest and most popular gaming machines.

Upon arrival, it’s more convenient than ever to place sports wagers at The Brook. Here, we break down the three betting options available and provide a few insider tips to allow you to take full advantage.

Betting Windows

The Brook is no stranger to the “old school” method of sports betting, where you walk up to the window, cash in hand, announce your bet to a teller and receive a ticket. Of course, The Brook is fondly remembered by many as Seabrook Greyhound Park, which opened in 1973 and hosted live racing for nearly four decades.

The row of betting windows at the front of the book on the far right are reserved for sports bettors, while the windows on the left are for simulcast racing.

PRO TIP: Know when your games are kicking off, and plan accordingly. You don’t want to be standing in line in a panic that your game is going to start without you getting to the window. Delays at the front of the line can and will happen.

Conversely, if you are going to bet some futures or games that start much later in the day,  avoid going up and placing those bets at a busy time, like minutes before the 1 p.m. Sunday NFL slate of games begins. Be courteous and clear the way for people in a time crunch.

Betting Kiosks

There are 20 self-serve, DraftKings sportsbetting kiosks spread throughout our 90,000-square-foot facility with the bulk of them just inside the main front entrance. There are three near the betting windows at the front of the sportsbook and five more just outside the hallway entrance to the new Seasons Showroom.

The kiosks are self-intuitive, easy to use and a great option to place bets if the lines are long at the betting windows. The kiosks also offer a special “Build a Bet” option in which guests can browse the sportsbook pointspreads and other betting options and place a wager on their mobile device by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need to download a sportsbook app.

PRO TIP: The first tip may sound elementary, but it’s important to mention: Don’t forget to take your ticket after placing a bet or withdrawing money! The ticket spits out on the bottom half of the kiosk so it’s not unusual for players to walk away without grabbing the ticket.

Secondly, there are thousands of bets available on dozens of sports at DraftKings, including everything from the NFL and NBA to cricket and rugby. Having said that, if you walk up to a kiosk and know exactly what game you want to bet on, take advantage of the “search bar” option at the very top and, instead of manually searching for the sport, day and type of wager, simply input the team name and all available wagers will come up for that team. This will save valuable time and allow you to get back on that comfortable couch in front of our massive screens, watching the games.

Download the DraftKings app

The proliferation of mobile sports betting apps across the U.S. over the last few years has been a game changer for players and bookmakers alike. The DraftKings Sportsbook app can be used anywhere within state lines of New Hampshire and, of course, while you and your friends are at The Brook rooting on your bets.

The advantages of using the DraftKings mobile app, which can be done online at DraftKings Sportsbook or by downloading the DraftKings app, are plentiful, but it is particularly helpful if you like to bet “in-play” options on a sporting event. Those pointspreads move fast and if you have a chance to plunk down a wager from the palm of your hand, it’s much more preferable than running to the window or a betting kiosk.

PRO TIP: Make sure you take advantage of the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Program where you can earn “crowns” and turn them in for cash. In addition, the app offers an array of promotions, odds boosts and bonuses to DraftKings app users on a regular basis. So, every time you log in, click the “Promotion” icon and review what’s available to you.